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Dear Ohio Weather,

Oh boy. You really sent me running yesterday! As you began to get colder throughout the day I kept wondering whether or not I needed to run around and cover all the plants in the ground and bring in all the planters and pots. My question was quickly answered around 4:30 when I noticed you shed your coat of snow, ugg. I immediately put my boots on, ran onto the porch and grabbed the heavy planter, dragging it inside. I then grabbed the potted, lemon, fig and blueberry trees/bush. I ran to the garage (future potting shed) and grabbed a blanket and a handful of plastic pots. I used the blanket to cover the strawberry patch and ran all around the house covering the mint plants in the window box and grasses out front and the perennials from last year that started to come up. My kids were giggling at mommy’s hysteria as I raced back and forth, back and forth.

I remember doing this last year too. Kind of exciting, scary and overall nerve wracking. Crazy April weather please no more shedding until December! Thanks!


Longing For The Sun and Warmth In Ohio



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