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New Trees, Plants, Goods-busy, busy

Lo and behold the trees and grasses and strawberries all arrived in the mail today, I bought them at the beginning of January! That means I’ll be getting dirty this evening, oh please don’t rain. I bought 3 Red Wing Grass plants to take the place of these two bushes out in the front of our house. I have no idea what the bushes are because they were here when we moved in. The last 7 years I had hoped to fall in love with them but honestly I despise them. I am not at all sure what they are and they grow tall so I can’t see over them when I’m sitting on the porch reading or just enjoying the day. I do not anticipate that it will be easy to dig the bushes up. new-trees-and-such-001

I also purchased a circular, terraced strawberry growing system. I can use it over and over and I liked the idea of having a separate space allotted specifically for strawberries. Supposedly growing strawberries terraced is a good idea, we shall see.



A wee Dwarf Lemon Tree to be planted in a pot in order for it to be moveable indoors and out.new-trees-and-such-0041

Not sure if this is able to be read clearly but it the pear tree, er stick…one day this little fella will be a tree!new-trees-and-such-005
And the Currant Bush, er stick and like the pear stick this gal shall one day be bigger.



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