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Rain Barrels

A few summers ago I read an article about rain barrels. The whole concept of using the rain water that my husband and I pay for to water my garden intrigued me and so I made a decision to invest in a few of them. Little did I know that they were pretty costly. But last year a friend of a friend was able to get his hands on some large soda pop syrup containers-3 feet in diameter by 4 feet high.  These containers cost me $5 each. I was unable to get my rain barrels setup last summer but they should be ready to install into our gutter system soon.

I’d love to hear if others collect their rain water and if so did you put together your own rain barrel(s) or did you purchase one? And what has been your experience thus far in using them? I’ve included a few links below to tutorials online to assist you in this endeavor if you don’t already have a rain barrel setup and you are interested in building one.

A few facts about rain barrels:

-They can help conserve around 1300 gallons of water during the summer months.

-They are eco friendly because they prevent stormwater runoff. If you are not familiar with the implications of stormwater runoff check this out   for more information.

 -And they help you the owner save your money because you are not paying double for watering your garden. Double because we pay for the  water that runs off our our houses and into the sewers as well as the water that comes out of our hoses to water our plants; this honestly being the number 1 reason for me to want to convert to rain barrels.

 Links helpful in creating a rain barrel:






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