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Square Foot Gardening Spring Beds


The five beds are fully planted now. We spent most of yesterday planting the rest of the seeds and transitioning seedlings to one of the beds. My husband pulled up the grass, relocated it and then tilled the area where the kids will have their pizza garden. I’ll show pictures of that as we are outside this week. I also cleaned out the potting shed of anything that doesn’t belong.

I just looked outside and the sun is now peaking through the clouds. It’s been dark, dreary and rainy all day. Oh I hope the sun continues tomorrow! On a more positive note the flowers and grass look incredibly lovely from all the rain the past month.



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2008 Square Foot Gardening

I am clearing pictures off of my other computer and came across more gardening pictures from last year. These pics show specifically what Square Foot Gardening looks like, well at least what Mel Bartholomew talks about in his books. The last two pics show my 2 beds that were sort of half butted. The plants grew but I never got around to putting dowel rods as dividers. The top right pic is an Acorn Squash plant that I grew up.


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