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Saturdays Colder Weather Plantings


Here is the layout for the seeds I sowed on Saturday. I changed my beds around to this configuration because I feel it flows better. I actually have space to walk around each bed, although it doesn’t appear that way in this illustration.

I decided to go ahead and sow seeds a little differently than what I have illustrated in some of the other posts-I seem to change it around a lot. I still want to plant some broccoli for an early crop. We love broccoli in our house and eat it almost every other day so it would be a good idea to get it planted asap.

Also, I think I’m going to devote one whole bed to broccoli and then freeze what we can’t eat right away.



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Seeds Directly Sowed In Ground When The Weather Is Still Cool

I planted some seeds today, the weather was beautiful. The kids got to play outside and me and my husband Jason got to enjoy a nice cold beer while planting a few veggies.

Today I planted:

Bunching Onions
Walla Walla Onions
Mustard Greens

I had hoped to do more today but my parents threw my son a 4 year old birthday party and I also spent a little time with my neighbors collecting leaves and debris from the flower beds along our street. It is cool to spend time with others who like to garden as much as I do or at least those who enjoy sprucing up the neighborhood and working together to build community on our little street & in our little area.


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