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My Seed Sowing Chart

The frost date for where I am is May 9th (I put May 15 on the chart), as far as I can tell. That means I will need to sow my seeds indoors anywhere from March 14th to April 11th. Last year I planted a majority of my seeds directly in the ground on April 6th. I imagine the seeds that can go directly in the ground before the frost date will be planted in April.

As far as my raised beds, I will need to go to the local nursery next month and purchase peat, vermiculite and compost. Sadly my composters didn’t produce enough for my 5 beds, perhaps next year. When I plant my garden I really like to go with the Square Foot Gardening method. I have 3’x3′ beds so that means I will divide each of my beds into 9 squares. Each square will have anywhere from one plant to twelve plants depending on the plant.


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