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Seedlings Day 33

I put one tray outside today in hopes to transition it over the next few days. The sun is out today. Oh my gosh the sun is out today.

I received some organic chitted potatoes in the mail yesterday. Do you know what that means? Yes! I’m going to plant some potatoes in some bags today and tomorrow. I have all those leftover compost and soil bags so I should hopefully get a lot of potatoes this year. Lots to give to others that need them and lots to keep. 

Have you ever roasted a whole chicken and thrown some quartered potatoes, with their skins on, in along side the chicken as it roasts? This is my favorite way of preparing potatoes. The potatoes absorb the flavors of the chicken and sear on the outside as you roast it at 400 degress. The inside is tender and yummy, can’t wait!



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