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Raised Garden Beds

When I decided I wanted to start growing vegetables I assumed that I would just do a traditional row garden in the Potager style. I did loads of research via different books and magazines on the topic as well as searching online. While at a bookstore one night I came across the book Square Foot Gardening. In the book the author shares his concepts on gardening in raised beds. He has had a lot of success in gardening this way for the last I believe 30 or so years. This concept completely fascinated me and I loved the idea of how organized and simple it looked. And having now had success with it, I recommend checking out the book if you are interested in gardening in raised beds.  It’s been an encouraging motivator for me as well as a step by step guide on gardening in raised beds.

Once I decided on growing my vegetables in raised beds I had to figure out where to get the beds.  Immediately I assumed I would make them but I started thinking about the reality of having to rebuild them every few years and that sounded like a headache to me. I thought of treated wood but that worried me because there are often substances used to seal that kind of wood that could possibly leach into my vegetables . I also thought of the plastic wood products that are out there but I knew those were costly. I decided to search the internet for alternative options. I eventually came across these after a bit of searching. I love them! They are made of recycled plastic and they can be taken apart and stored away when not in use. They are also cost effective. The 3×3 bed, which is what I use, is $50. Of course they are not as pretty as wood but they are eco friendly and should last a very long time.



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