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A Potager Garden

A Potager Garden is essentially an ornamental Kitchen Garden. But even more so in that not only does it produce a bounty of lovely edible vegetables but it also contains edible as well as inedible flowers, herbs and ornamental objects. When you view a Potager Garden it should be lovely to the eye but functional as well.  I adore what Jacqueline Cross says in her online article, The Potager Garden History and How-to of  The Kitchen Garden, she says,

”  There should be but one rule in creating the potager garden and that is; allow the imagination to rule.”

I am a big proponent of being creative when it come to anything! I desire to teach my kids how to be creative as well as how to garden. So this summer we are going to plant a Pizza Garden exclusively for W and Super N to take care of this will be along side my Potager Garden. The Pizza Garden as well shall be in the style of a Potager Garden- lovely to eye.



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