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Harvested Broccoli Raab (Rapini)

Guess what is accompanying our pizza tonight! Yes we harvested the broccoli raab, very exciting. Also, I got the kids bird feeders hung up outside.

Forgot to mention, I lost two plants in the last week. Some sort of varment took out a cauliflower and a broccoli plant. I am not pressed about it though since I do think it is becoming too warm for them to thrive, I planted them to late I think- another lesson learned. In their place I planted some roma tomato plants.

I also finished filling in the pizza garden with herbs and tomatillos (refer to last post if you are confused why I am adding tomatillos to the pizza garden!)  All in all everything is growing great!


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The Garden Is Growing


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Transplanting Into Larger Pots

Currently working on transplanting a variety of tomato plants, tomatillos and sweet peppers into larger pots.

Also the kids and I bought our pots today for the bird bath that will go in the middle of the Pizza Garden. We sat in the yard together and they began painting them. I shall have a post of the process soon.

We are planning a family walk tomorrow to search for little rocks. The Pizza Garden will be divided into pie slices by these little rocks and then we can begin to plant the eggplant seedlings, peppers and herb seeds. The kids are so excited as they see our plan, their own garden, come into fruition.


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Homemade Bird Bath

I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking about putting a Birth Bath in the middle of the kids Pizza Garden. A few criteria that I have when selecting a bird bath for their potager garden is that it is inexpensive, that it is a bird bath that we can create versus buying, and that it is easy enough to create that the kids can participate in the process.

Upon looking for bird baths online or plans on how to make one, I found a tutorial on how to make a Terracota Pot Bird Bath. The plans are simple. Three terracota pots of different sizes painted and then stacked upon eachother. A 20″ clay saucer then rests ontop of that. This bird bath seems perfect for our little space and my little babes. I can just picture them now sitting in the backyard this spring and painting the pots.


I also came across a tutorial on how to make a Teacup Bird Feeder. I would guess you could also use it as a mini bird bath as well. I just love this but I would rename it to Coffee Cup Bird Feeder.




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Pizza Garden

This year I’m going to take a few ideas from the book Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots: Gardening Together with Children. Not only does the author create the sweetest illustrations, it’s just lovely-but also her ideas are fantastic and clever and really allow you and your babes to enjoy gardening in a non traditional way.

What we’re going to do this year is a Pizza Garden. Essentially it’s a circle that is 6ft in diameter and just like a edible pizza, it is divided up into triangles. Each triangle holds a different herb or veggie that can be a topping for your pizza. Say one triangle holds a Tomato plant that is caged upwards and next to that is a section of basil and oregano. Another section may hold eggplant. My kids will love this and best of all it will be their garden. How sweet is that?

We will add something special to the middle of this garden, maybe a birdbath.  Afterall it will be a potager garden and the kids would adore watching the birds bathe.

The Pizza Garden will include:

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