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Growing Potatoes In Bags

potato-bagsI grew potatoes last year but I did not harvest as many as I would have liked simply because I did not have enough room in my garden. This year though I plan to grow our potatoes in bags. I read that it is really easy to grow your potatoes this way and it is an awesome solution for when you don’t have a lot of garden area to spare.

From doing some research it seems to be relatively simple. Some people grow their potatoes in trash bags, compost bags, old soil bags and anything else of the like.

If you use a trash bag or a soil bag roll down the edge and cut a few drainage holes in the bottom. As the plants begin to grow unroll the bag a little at a time to contain the plants. Put your soil mix in the bag (1/3 of the way) and then throw in your chitted potatoes, eyes facing up. Cover your potatoes with more soil and water them-keep them in a warm place outside. Check the soil often and make sure it’s watered well-container vegetables tend to dry out faster. As the plants grow add more soil covering most of the growth but a few leaves at the top. When the plants die down and turn brown they are ready to harvest.

Besides freeing up space in your garden to grow other goodies, potatoes grown in bags are easier to harvest, no digging! They also are less likely to be infested with bugs.



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