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Pizza Garden

This year I’m going to take a few ideas from the book Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots: Gardening Together with Children. Not only does the author create the sweetest illustrations, it’s just lovely-but also her ideas are fantastic and clever and really allow you and your babes to enjoy gardening in a non traditional way.

What we’re going to do this year is a Pizza Garden. Essentially it’s a circle that is 6ft in diameter and just like a edible pizza, it is divided up into triangles. Each triangle holds a different herb or veggie that can be a topping for your pizza. Say one triangle holds a Tomato plant that is caged upwards and next to that is a section of basil and oregano. Another section may hold eggplant. My kids will love this and best of all it will be their garden. How sweet is that?

We will add something special to the middle of this garden, maybe a birdbath.  Afterall it will be a potager garden and the kids would adore watching the birds bathe.

The Pizza Garden will include:


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