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Gardening This Week

This kids and I bought a hose last night for the front of the house plants. It was cool hooking up the hose converter and hooking up the new hose. I feel so grown up having two hoses, one for the front yard plants and one for the backyard plants, silly I know-it’s the small things sometimes.

We hooked the backyard hose up to the strawberry patch sprinkler and it was the coolest thing. We were tickled by how it watered so effectively but I think they were more tickled by how wet they got from the sprinkler mist.

I still have yet to plant my seeds that can go in the ground now. This is disappointing to me but I know I still have some time to get a bit of broccoli grown and harvested before it’s too warm. I’ll for sure get on that this weekend, please no rain!

I have been brainstorming some ways to camouflage my beds a bit. I would like them to blend in more to my surroundings. They are black now and not aesthetically pleasing as I would like. I am incredibly grateful for them and love them so much but I would like them to be prettier. I have decided at this point to buy mulch and mulch around them. I am thinking a few inches of mulch. The hardwood mulch will connect the beds a bit more visually and wood is always prettier than plastic.

I hope to also work on getting the garage cleaned out some more this weekend as well as getting at least one rain barrel hooked up. A few more items I cannot wait to attack.

Once again Spring is here, is it not awesome? Now if only the weather would even out.


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