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Future Potting Shed

With all the gardening I have in mind for this year I realized I need to set up a space for my gardening equipment. A place to house soil, pots, gardening tools, the kids tools and overall a place to do plantings would be ideal. It never occurred to me before to convert my 1 car garage that is strictly used for storage, into a potting shed. I found some plans online over the last day that have really inspired me and I started clearing out the space in anticipation.

Currently this is what the garage looks like. It will need a bit of work but I don’t think any of it is major work. The windows have come away from the frames and the door needs replaced. Also, there are gaps in some of the walls that i’ll need to seal but overall I think the space is excellent for use as a potting shed, I feel like it is Christmas-what a present!

**I was truly inspired by this gal, check out her blog!



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