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Garden Challenge


One of the best things about gardening in my opinion is being able to feed your family. It is incredibly gratifying and a blessing really. One of my desires of this blog is to document my own gardening experience as well as my experience with canning, dehydrating and participating in a CSA. I know I will have an abundance of food that will adequately provide for my babes, myself and my husband soon enough. But I will also have plenty of food to possibly provide for a few other families as well. With that knowledge I joined a Garden Challenge. The intent of the challenge is to motivate participants to donate 10% of their garden bounty to soup kitchens, food pantries or another organization like these. My new Twitter friend Rachel thankfully pointed me in that direction, what a great idea, thanks! Check out Rachel’s blog  and her online store geared towards sustainable living. I recently ordered a few items there and they are quick to deliver and the customer service is excellent.



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