Location: Columbus, Ohio

I am a Gardener. I actually just started. Although I’ve been tinkering around at growing things over the last 10 years. I officially have a seed starting setup in my basement, 4 raised beds, an assortment of vessels to grow things in and a creative drive that lends itself towards chaos at times. My goal and biggest desire in my gardening is to have it be beautiful to the eye as well as successful in growth- hence a Potager Garden. 

This year I will get my kids involved in the gardening process. We will be planting a Pizza Garden and of course it will be in the style of a Potager Garden- lovely to the eye.

I will also document the processes that contribute to a better garden or an Eco friendly garden and periodically share recipes that are composed of vegetables, herbs and/or fruits from the garden.

As our garden begins to produce an overabundance I will then begin to can, freeze and perhaps dehydrate our goods in order to enjoy them throughout the winter and to cut down if not eliminate grocery runs. Also, I will be participating in a Fruit and Vegetable CSA this year and document my experience with that.


10 responses to “About

  1. the other Beth

    kids are amazing learners – you really found a creative way to get them interested! Can’t wait to see it in the ground. 🙂

  2. Kristin

    This is really helpful information!

  3. culinarypilgrim

    Really enjoying your site. Thanks!

  4. potagergardengirl

    thx a bunch that means a lot!

  5. Laura

    I am new to Columbus and growing my first zone 5 vegetable garden. This is a wonderful blog, and I look forward to seeing your garden’s progress! I plan to make a strawberry patch modeled after yours…looks like I’ll want to finally start composting to keep up with the soil demands! Thanks for a great blog!

  6. mlc

    I think you will find that you have more potatoes than you think. I like the title of your blog. I am north of you a little near Wooster, Ohio. I’m new to the blogosphere. It is pretty neat to see what people are doing. I like your little square foot beds too. Happy Earth Day.

  7. I was finally able to add you to my blogroll. You’re under Midwestern and Northern. The mysteries of WordPress? Several previous attempts did not produce a listing. Glad to have you on the page at last.

  8. I love your idea of a garden and involving your children. I’ve been thinking a starting a garden myself for years as well. Good job!

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