Prepping for 2012

Okay Im getting excited again. I know my blog sucks. But again its been a rough 2 years, officially 2 years tomorrow since things went awry in my world.

I hope come January and even as soon as a few week from now, I can begin to plot down on paper what I desire for my garden next year. My oldest son, W, asked me if we could do another Pizza Garden next summer and I told him sure…so I know for a fact what seeds I’ll need for that come time to order in January. But at this point I need to get real straight with myself and figure out how much time and energy I can give to my 2012 garden.

My plan this past season was to essentially toss my seeds in the garden and see what would happen. The majority of my seeds were a few years old and had been stored improperly off and on over a couple of years. I didnt feel right about tossing them nor did I have the money or energy to delve in a purchase all new seeds. So I tossed them in and waited. I was a lazy, lazy gardener in 2011. But a lot actually grew! Although I failed to get great pictures of the bounty but I took some. At any rate, next year will be better.

I’ll post some pics of the cleanup I did this past weekend. Well again I didnt take pics during the clean up/prep for next season due to the fact that my cell phone altho plugged into its cord to recharge I didnt realize it wasnt plugged into the wall, doh! And my actual cameras batter was on the blitz so….no good shots, sorry! But I can atleast take a few of the  garden in its cleanup stage. And I also found a bunch of green tomatoes, tomatillos, 2 sweet peppers, a handful of cilantro, a handful of chives, 2 ginormous zucchini, A large amount of swiss chard, a rutabaga, a few tiny beets, and a strange looking acorn squash.

I made salsa with the tomatillos and a handful of the green tomatoes, the chives, peppers and the cilantro. It turned out wonderful! I did add to it salt and garlic from the kitchen.

I cut the green tomatoes up and put them in the freezer until i figure our what to use them for. Does anyone have any ideas?

And lastly I stored the majority of the swiss chard in the freezer to pull out to use as a side dish or to throw into smoothies or soups. I did make a curried potato soup this past weekend and threw in a bunch of the swiss chard…it was really good.

Until next time.


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