End of June

I’m still behind. However, I borrowed a tiller and hope to dig up some of the yard today or tomorrow. Its a beastly machine, Im kind of scared. But the soil here is very claylike and full of rocks. Did I say full of rocks? I mean its FULL of rocks. But we shall see how the beastly machine holds up.

I pulled some green and red swiss chard the other day and sauteed it with olive oil, salt & pepper. It was yummy, but I didnt take a picture. I forgot. I also have been snagging arugula from the garden and munching on it, its so yummy as well! If you have not experienced arugula, you should. If you are a fan of horseradish or radish type spiciness in general, you’ll enjoy arugula. Its an italian salad green by the way. So rush on out to your local nursery and grab some seeds or a plant!

Pics of the garden this saturday morning.

Earlier i knocked a bunch of slimy little bugs off my eggplant leaves. They reminded me of a cluster of zombies feeding off their prey, it was gross. They were leaving #2 everywhere and in the back of my mind im thinking the #2 is good for my plants but the bugs freaked me out a little. I quickly reacted like if i were in a zombie apocalypse, (sorry I can be a real nerd when it comes to zombies b/c well I like zombies) by smacking the bugs off the leaves prior to getting photos. Now I cannot recall if they were caterpillars or beetles. Well Ill look online later and see if i can find the little zombies that were munchin on my garden goods.


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