Better Late Then Never

Oh boy oh boy! Im runnin a bit late with my plantings. But to be fair to myself and realistic, the weather here in Ohio has not been that garden-friendly. And my schedule has been a bit of a whirlwind. Between learning to adjust to being a full-time worker versus a stay-at-home-mom, relocating residence 4 times in the last year, to having an 11 year marriage come to an end…I’ve been tired, distracted and emotional. Money has been tight. Time with my children, even tighter. I however do not lose hope, nor do I give up. Gardening is a love, a passion, a refuge in the storms of life. And no matter how small a garden…I will rock it.

With that said, better late than never, heres my little humble garden thus far. Most of my seedlings, 98% of them, died due to issues in my living arrangements and just sheer fatigue on my part and forgetfulness. This won’t happen next year. My pocketbook (omg did I say pocketbook?? lol) is feeling the brunt of purchasing seedlings/plants. Oh well! Live and learn…live and learn.

For now:



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3 responses to “Better Late Then Never

  1. Better late than never is right! Yay for using gardening as a refuge from all the other crap of life!

  2. Woo hoo!! and good for you!

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