A New Year. A New Garden.

I’m very excited to enter into 2011. Primarily right now because I’m planning to sow my seeds very soon. Perusing through old seeds today and through a catalog or two, I planned my garden for the upcoming season. I can see spring. Maybe its because its sunny and there is no snow on the ground right now.  I hear reports of snow in the next few days but I’ll relish whats outside my window currently and enjoy it with a jog when I’m done with this post.

But gardening! Sowing seeds! I made a rough plan today. It pretty much mimics the garden I had 2 summers ago. Not really that exciting. But I have a new yard this year and I have some more space to work with. With this new yard I also have a few more issues to deal with that will require some help from others. There are deer all over the place. With my vision of spring I also can see deer snacking on my crops. This is stressing me out a little bit. What can I do? What are some solutions to keep the deer away from my plants? Help Please!!

I’ll post my garden plans soon. I’m so excited to get my hands in the dirt again. And I’m excited to garden with my babies again. Welcome 2011!



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4 responses to “A New Year. A New Garden.

  1. Sierra Dante

    Look forward to lots of pix and hear about your successes and failures. I live in Florida and this is my first potager here. So many differences in gardening from Calistoga, CA. For one, I’ve had to adjust my entire growing season, a whole season. I’m already planting tomatoes and zucchini, weird! Happy gardening!

    • potagergardengirl

      Thank you!l
      I’ll attempt to post more. Im just getting my bearings back so if you are able to be patient with me. I look forward to hearing about your successes and what doesnt work and just your overall experience. Good Luck!!

  2. erin

    i’ve heard/read that human hair around your garden keeps a lot of animals/pests away… also, putting a weather-proof, battery operated radio in the middle of the garden and keep on talk radio – the animals think there are people and stay away.

    by the way, how are you?! where are you?!

    • potagergardengirl

      Thanks for the suggestion, i’ll talk to my stylist 🙂 Im okay. forward me an email at potagergardengirl@gmail so we can catch up. I’ll respond 🙂

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