August Harvest

Getting ready to plant again for the Fall. So many carrots were harvested this year, success! Everything seemed to do very, very well. The only plant I made a bad decision about at this point is the cauliflower. I placed the zucchini plant next to the cauliflower…not wise. Needless to say the zucchini plant dwarfed over the cauliflower plant and prevented it from growing, but I learned to have more careful forethought about placement. I pulled the zucchini plants today, they did so well! I harvested 4 more gigantic zucchini just in the last 4 days. I pulled all of the carrots and beets. I also discovered that I planted the wrong kind of fennel plant, need to do more research for next year. Does anyone know where I can get the fennel plant that allows me to harvest a large bulb as opposed to just the fronds? My basil is producing quite a bounty and continues. My tomatillo plants and tomato plants are doing great as well. Now I need to get out there this week and plant my fall garden.



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3 responses to “August Harvest

  1. Awesome harvest!! Are you reseeding the carrots? Ours did fantastic this year too.

    I know nothing about fennel…

  2. potagergardengirl

    I am going to reseed the carrots, I know I’m so happy they did so well.

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