Green Tomatoes And An Update

I collected some green tomatoes and another ginormous zucchini from the garden. I fried them up for dinner, they were wonderful!

I know my blogging has been inconsistent as of late. There have been a few things going on in my life that have squashed my excitement with gardening. I do not expect this to last long but nonetheless my vision and passion have been fogged over with life’s difficulties.

One thing this week though that has me excited and is getting me “back on track,” is the realization that I have food that can be retrieved from my garden every single night for dinner. I seemed to plant enough vegetables to meet this need and to still be able to give some away. I am very excited and motivated by this realization. I am also encouraged to start my plan for next year. I have learned so much this year and I cannot wait to plan for next year.

This weekend I have a plan for planting pumpkin seeds. But first I must clear a way a lot of weeds and overgrowth to make room. I also need to clear all the weeds out of the Pizza Garden.

I know I have said I am going to start canning and saving seeds this year but I think I am going to spend some time studying the processes of canning and seed saving this year and then next year I will begin to can and begin to start saving seeds. Upon reading about seed saving, I read that in seed saving you will want to save seeds of heirloom vegetables and not hybrid. Since most of my seeds are hybrids currently I will need to wait until next year when I buy need seeds, making sure they are heirloom varieties.

Also, I have been meaning to take pictures of my CSA share as I pick it up, but that has yet to take place. I do not like this but it seems to be the way it is going. After we pick up our share on Saturdays we usually, as a family, go to the park or just stay out of the house for a while. By the time I get home I have forgotten all about taking a picture and by that time the vegetables are often a bit wilted from being in the car. Oh and the fruit is often partially eaten because we usually have enjoyed it while out.

At any rate, although some of my goals for this blog have changed my overall vision for it is still on track. I am excited to keep moving forward and planting some vegetables for the fall.

 babes-july 005


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