Zucchini takes a very short time to grow. Seriously in a few weeks after sowing the seeds you will have a full grown vegetable. Here is my oldest holding 2 harvested zucchini from the garden. These veggies were over a foot long, amazing, after just 5 weeks of growing.

kids 001



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2 responses to “Zucchini

  1. I know, those things get huge fast. I just harvested the first of ours, they were much smaller but very tasty steamed along with the yellow summer squash.

    What do you plan to make with all of yours?

    • potagergardengirl

      Hey Aliceson!
      Isn’t exciting, fresh veggies and all? I really enjoy it sauteed as a side dish. Olive oil with garlic and salt. But last night I sauteed it with potatoes, from the csa, and an extra yam from the local co op. We had breakfast for dinner and the zucchini cooked down really well and tasted yummy with the potatoes and yam (also served biscuits and gravy and bacon.) I pulled another ginormous zucchini today from the garden. I think I’m going to shred some to add later to meatloaf or batters. I’m so excited i don’t have to go to the store but instead just to my yard.

      Take care!

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