Sauteed Broccoli Raab (Rapini)

 What do you do with broccoli Raab? I am of the school of thought that says, “do what you want!” But here’s a recipe, blurb, idea that you can use that will make your rapini sing in your mouth.

Chop up the rapini, throwing the tough lower stalks into the compost bin. I chopped mine into about 2-3″ pieces.

Blanch the rapini-throw in water that has been brought to boiling. Let it sit for a few minutes, 3ish. And then throw it into ice cold water that is sitting to the side. Drop it in a salad spinner or roll it in a dish towel or paper towels to dry it before you cast it into hot oil to be sauted.

Saute the rapini- heat some olive oil in a skillet. Throw some chopped up garlic into the skillet and saute for a minute or so. Then throw you rapini on top, scoot it around the skillet for a few minutes until lightly coated and voila! Enjoy!

There you have it! Yum Yum Yum.


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  1. I like Rapini very much, and if I had an in-ground garden rather than a small-space container garden, it’s definitely a veggie I would cultivate. But meanwhile, I can find it at the local grocery store and I will try your cooking method next time. Cheers!

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