Garden Update: Early to Mid May

Everything is growing well! The pear tree officially has growth! And I have harvested a bit of broccoli raab already. The spinach and mustard greens are almost ready. The carrots are coming up and all the beans and peas are doing better than I expected. I need to cover the strawberries tonight with the bird netting…Spring is here!

I realized yesterday that I still have not filled in the last two pie slices of the Pizza Garden…oops! This evening I plan to go ahead and sow herbs in one of the slices and I am going to go ahead and plant some tomatillo plants in the other slice. Tomatillo plants in the pizza garden?? Yes! I honestly do not know where else to put them. But also I know I can make a good tomatillo sauce as the beginning of a mexican pizza. I am reallly excited though to make Posole with them-yum!



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2 responses to “Garden Update: Early to Mid May

  1. You may have to share the pasole recipe with us! I am going to grow tomatillos too but don’t really know what you do with them besides Salsa Verde. The garden is looking great!

  2. You are such a hard working person! Happy gardening to you!

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