Homemade Birdbath & Another Kids Garden Craft

Here is our finished bird bath! The picture is not that lovely but once we collect the rest of the rocks for the Pizza Garden I will take pictures of that and you will see the finished product in its entirety. The bird bath sits directly in the middle of the Pizza Garden and the kids adore it! So much so that now my mom, Gramma In The Red Truck and my mother-in-law, Gramma In The Red House,  is getting one for Mothers Day from the babes.

The currant bush is growing well!

The Strawberry plants have buds!

The seeds are sprouting in the beds!

And this week the kids and I did a bird seed craft that was a lot of fun. Will, my 4 year old, collected some pinecones after school one day. I tied a foot or so of dental floss to an arm on each of the pine cones so we could have a way to hang them. We then covered them with peanut butter and rolled them in birdseed. When it stops raining we are going to hang them from the garage.



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9 responses to “Homemade Birdbath & Another Kids Garden Craft

  1. BoLOGnas

    we used to do birdseed/PB pinecones when i was a kid! Birds LOVE them 🙂 just don’t get too friendly w/ the avian species…nothing worse than bird poop on your veggie garden 😦

    • potagergardengirl

      I’m hoping to plant them a bit away from our beds but something to keep little hand busy while stuck inside!

    • potagergardengirl

      Did I just say plant? Wow gardening on the brain. I meant to say I hope to “hang” them a bit a way from the veggies! hah!

      • The birdbath is fantastic, the Grandmas are going to love them. Last year for Mother’s Day we made Stepping stones for the Grandmas. That would also be a fun project for your kids…

        BTW: I love your garden blog! You inspired me to clean out my potting shed today! I can’t plant for a few more weeks but I’m working on it.

  2. potagergardengirl

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words and the other suggestion for a craft with the kids. I’m finding that planning fun crafts with the kids really, REALLY help me immensely with loving my babes on those days when the sun refuses to show its face…I can’t wait for those days when the sun is out daily, every day.
    take care!

  3. Very clever birdbath and so cool that the kids got to help! Homemade bird food is fun to make too. I will have to let my nieces help me with that.

  4. brooksideelementary

    hmm..that birdbath has me thinking I want to do one. I have done the painted planter, but the bird bath would be an adorable mom’s day presie for Grammies.

  5. Deb

    I saw you bought a pear tree is it self pollinating, cas if not you will need another to get fruit. If space is at a premium you could try a pear espalier next to the fence. That is what I did. Hope it does well.

    • potagergardengirl

      Hi Debbie,

      My pear tree is self pollinating, it’s a honeysweet dwarf. I also plan to try my hand at espalier as well. I wrote about it in another post sometime in February I believe. Thanks for stopping by!!

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