Transplanting Into Larger Pots

Currently working on transplanting a variety of tomato plants, tomatillos and sweet peppers into larger pots.

Also the kids and I bought our pots today for the bird bath that will go in the middle of the Pizza Garden. We sat in the yard together and they began painting them. I shall have a post of the process soon.

We are planning a family walk tomorrow to search for little rocks. The Pizza Garden will be divided into pie slices by these little rocks and then we can begin to plant the eggplant seedlings, peppers and herb seeds. The kids are so excited as they see our plan, their own garden, come into fruition.



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2 responses to “Transplanting Into Larger Pots

  1. Those are some BIG seedlings! When are you planning to plant outside? This weather makes me want to plant RIGHT NOW but I know it’s smarter to wait a bit longer.

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