Potatoes: Chit Chit Chitting Along


I made a mistake a few posts ago. I said I received some chitted potatoes that I was going to plant that particular day. But when I opened the bag the potatoes did not have chits on them yet. So I laid them out in an old egg carton to allow them to do their thing. It didn’t occur to me when I purchased my potatoes that a pound would not be a lot. I decided to order four more pounds of potatoes. And now they have joined their buddies in the egg cartons chitting along in my kitchen. Once they’ve chitted I will then plant them in bags.

I ended up with 1lb of Elba potatoes and 4lbs of Yukon Gold Potatoes.



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3 responses to “Potatoes: Chit Chit Chitting Along

  1. Tony

    You haven’t said how you are doing it but my grandparents and myself have always cut the potatoes into many pieces before planting. As long as each piece has several eyes it should grow well.
    Small ones I usually halved, the larger ones we quartered.

  2. Today, I checked on the fingerling potatoes I planted a few weeks ago, and I am happy to report they are just starting to push up through the soil. This is the first time I have grown potatoes, so it is quite exciting for me.

  3. potagergardengirl

    Thanks Tony for the suggestion! I think that’s what I’ll do, cut them in smaller pieces.

    keewee, I hope to have alot of potatoes b/c I’d like to donate them to a food pantry. I hope you have success with yours!

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