Bird Netting, Hydrangea Bushes, Seedlings & New Window Boxes

Birds although lovely to some, can derail a gardners  best attempts at a bountiful harvest. I recall having to chase them away from my beds as they would land and steal my sown seeds. There was a noticeble increase in the amount of birds that flew directly over our yard. As my plants came up I  also noticed holes where my seeds once resided. I did some research about ways to protect my seeds and then invested in bird netting. Bird netting for me has been a lifesaver…well a seedsaver and ultimately a sanity saver! If you have plants that didn’t seem to come up, perhaps it is not because your thumb is not an adequate shade of green or because your soil  is not good enough. Maybe just maybe, it is a bird or two or three enjoying the easily accessible buffet amidst your garden beds. Consider bird netting, it is cheap and often made of a material that allows you to reuse it over and over year after year.


Speaking of seeds, the sown seeds from a few weeks ago are starting to sprout!



I took a picture of both of the hydrangea bushes, they’re starting to revive from the long winter. I love their fluffy white blooms, can’t wait!



Oh and here are the new and newly installed window boxes, thanks husband! I planted some garlic bulbs in them this morning and after consideration decided to plant most or all of my herbs in these window boxes. They are under windows that are right off the dining room, accessible to the kitchen, and I can just lift a window to snip an herb if needed quickly or on a rainy day without having to dart outside.




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2 responses to “Bird Netting, Hydrangea Bushes, Seedlings & New Window Boxes

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    We bought bird netting too, I had a couple of small tomatoes ruined by birdie beaks. Early on there were a couple of nice peppers and a few Juliet (grape) tomatoes – but the hail damaged many plants so might not get any Black Krim tomatoes. I’ve thrown old basil seed around and still had it come up. Don’t give up yet;-]

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