Morels: We Found Some In Our Yard

One day last year as I was getting out of the van and walking into the house I spotted some mushrooms next to my bushes in the front yard. I squatted down to get a better look and lo and behold they were morels! I yelled for my husband and we could not believe our eyes as we scooped them up. In all we found 10 morels growing on hardwood mulch (that I purchased at Lowes.) This year I’ve kept an eye out but no such luck. Keep your eyes open as you walk through your neighborhood you never know!




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7 responses to “Morels: We Found Some In Our Yard

  1. My husband and a friend picked 100 gallons of morels in the forests of Idaho last year. We had a big fire season and apparently they grown well after a fire. We didn’t even keep one, the friend from out of town took them all. My husband is sorry now that he wasn’t a little greedier and not so darn nice all the time. Good find!

  2. erin fry

    i have no idea what mushrooms are what…

  3. Pomona over at Tulips in the Woods says that we can grow our own morel patches!

  4. What do you do with them? I know other types of mushrooms and how to cook or can them, but I don’t have any experiences with morels.

  5. potagergardengirl

    I’ll need to check out her blog b/c I would LOVE that ! thanks DP!


    I usually cook them in risotto or with beef or sometimes in pasta. But generally I stick with risotto b/c I love them in there so much. They so earthy and smoky, an intense and lovely flavor.

    Alot of folks I have read, like to batter them and deep fry them…perhaps one day.

  6. Hah! What a great find. I originally read the title as “MorAls:…” whoops!

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