Currant Bush and Strawberry Plants Update

The currant stick has begun to grow shoots! I took a few pictures but I could not seem to get them to focus but you can see the green coming out, I think. The strawberry plants as well are growing. The leaves are broader and the plants are taller. In the transition from receiving them in the mail to getting them into soil I seem to have lost 3 plants. I may have actually lost 2 in the frosty weather over the last two weeks but I think it was from the transtion into soil. Regardless I have 47 plants left which hopefully will be plenty to produce an abundance of strawberries.



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6 responses to “Currant Bush and Strawberry Plants Update

  1. Laura

    Looking good! I planted some strawberries in a pot yesterday; I can’t wait to taste them!

  2. You’re going to have strawberries coming out of everywhere! That raised strawberry bed looks good, too!

  3. The strawberry tower and plants are looking good. Yummy, love strawberries. Have a great weekend.

  4. potagergardengirl

    I hope I have a bunch! Lots of strawberry goodness!

    Laura, I wish you luck (and sun and love and all that gardeny stuff!) You’ll be enjoying some yummy berries soon enough!
    Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

  5. I love currants! Started with the same type of “sticks”as yours and now they are huge bushes. Your strawberry bed looks nice. Soon, you’ll be able to share your plants with other gardeners. They spread wildly, producing baby plants faster than we remove their runners. Good luck! Will wait for the pictures of these plants grown up!

  6. potagergardengirl

    Thanks Tatyana I can’t wait! Do you recall about how long it took your currant bushes to start producing?

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