Plan For The Day

I have been wiped out with a mutant cold the last few days. My fever broke a bit after midnight this morning, thankfully. Although I feel sluggish and congested still I want to take advantage of the beautiful weather today and start hardening off some of my seedlings. I will put them out for 1-2 hours today and then slowly increase the time over the next week. I also need to go to the local nursery and pick up some compost and soil to fill a large planter in my backyard. I want to get sugar snap peas, bush beans and peas planted today.

My running around hysterically the other day to cover all my plants outside seems to  have paid off, as far as I can tell. Everything but the 3 mint plants in the window box are green and perky. The mint plants are still green but a bit droopy. I guess time will tell.



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3 responses to “Plan For The Day

  1. Take things easy, you may catch cold again … did you say mutant cold? ….. Cheer up! ~ bangchik

  2. potagergardengirl

    you are the 2nd person in the last 15 minutes who said that, perhaps I should listen. :)Okay I may leave it for tomorrow. I just feel my early spring time planting minutes just ticking by!

  3. Laura

    I know what you’re going through with that cold- oldest son had Scarlet Fever last week while I had my own sinus thing going on. Then, I ended up with a 24-hour flu Mon.-Tues.

    Take it easy!!!!!

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