Seeds Directly Sowed In Ground When The Weather Is Still Cool

I planted some seeds today, the weather was beautiful. The kids got to play outside and me and my husband Jason got to enjoy a nice cold beer while planting a few veggies.

Today I planted:

Bunching Onions
Walla Walla Onions
Mustard Greens

I had hoped to do more today but my parents threw my son a 4 year old birthday party and I also spent a little time with my neighbors collecting leaves and debris from the flower beds along our street. It is cool to spend time with others who like to garden as much as I do or at least those who enjoy sprucing up the neighborhood and working together to build community on our little street & in our little area.



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4 responses to “Seeds Directly Sowed In Ground When The Weather Is Still Cool

  1. Sue

    I hope everything grows! We had some rain today, and after the snow we’re supposed to get tomorrow melts, the spring seeds I planted should do well.

  2. Ok, I have a question. What the heck is a bunching onion? I planted them too, Lisbon Bunching Onions. But I honestly don’t know what it is. Do I harvest them for green onions or let them grow big. Guess i should have read up on them.
    Thanks in advance for the info!

  3. Just in time for snow, eh? We seeded spinach and parsnips yesterday too. Neither turned out last year, but we can always hope.

  4. potagergardengirl

    Sue, I hear ya! Last year I sowed seeds on April 7th instead of waiting until Mayish to sow. I knew I was going to have a babe and needed to get the seeds in the ground-babe born April 9th. On those nights where the weather was supposed to be incredibly cold or flurries/snow was predicted I covered the seedlings with milk gallon jugs. I cut off about 3-4″ of the bottom and shoved the part with the handle into the ground, about an 1″, over the seedling. If weather was supposed to be cold for a week or a few days in a row I just left them there and would water through the milk jug spout, perfect hole for watering and the milk jug acted as a greenhouse when the sun came out. fyi.

    Rachel I hope your pars. and spin. grows this year! I had no trouble last year with mine. I wonder do you think the squirrels went to town on the seeds or the birds? I noticed that I had a few missing plants where I know I planted seeds. And I also noticed a lot more birds flying above and landing on my beds. I bought some bird netting and put them over my beds and that seemed to help. I just did that with my strawberry patch b/c I our squirrels are squirrely lil thiefs! And the birds too!

    Heather, another name for the bunching onion is scallion, what most of us are familiar with. You just treat them like scallions. Pull out the bigger ones as they grow and leave in the smaller ones in the ground to finish growing. I love just eating them along side a meal or cut up and thrown in a salad.

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