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Homemade Birdbath & Another Kids Garden Craft

Here is our finished bird bath! The picture is not that lovely but once we collect the rest of the rocks for the Pizza Garden I will take pictures of that and you will see the finished product in its entirety. The bird bath sits directly in the middle of the Pizza Garden and the kids adore it! So much so that now my mom, Gramma In The Red Truck and my mother-in-law, Gramma In The Red House,  is getting one for Mothers Day from the babes.

The currant bush is growing well!

The Strawberry plants have buds!

The seeds are sprouting in the beds!

And this week the kids and I did a bird seed craft that was a lot of fun. Will, my 4 year old, collected some pinecones after school one day. I tied a foot or so of dental floss to an arm on each of the pine cones so we could have a way to hang them. We then covered them with peanut butter and rolled them in birdseed. When it stops raining we are going to hang them from the garage.



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Transplanting Into Larger Pots

Currently working on transplanting a variety of tomato plants, tomatillos and sweet peppers into larger pots.

Also the kids and I bought our pots today for the bird bath that will go in the middle of the Pizza Garden. We sat in the yard together and they began painting them. I shall have a post of the process soon.

We are planning a family walk tomorrow to search for little rocks. The Pizza Garden will be divided into pie slices by these little rocks and then we can begin to plant the eggplant seedlings, peppers and herb seeds. The kids are so excited as they see our plan, their own garden, come into fruition.


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Potatoes: Chit Chit Chitting Along


I made a mistake a few posts ago. I said I received some chitted potatoes that I was going to plant that particular day. But when I opened the bag the potatoes did not have chits on them yet. So I laid them out in an old egg carton to allow them to do their thing. It didn’t occur to me when I purchased my potatoes that a pound would not be a lot. I decided to order four more pounds of potatoes. And now they have joined their buddies in the egg cartons chitting along in my kitchen. Once they’ve chitted I will then plant them in bags.

I ended up with 1lb of Elba potatoes and 4lbs of Yukon Gold Potatoes.


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Square Foot Gardening Spring Beds


The five beds are fully planted now. We spent most of yesterday planting the rest of the seeds and transitioning seedlings to one of the beds. My husband pulled up the grass, relocated it and then tilled the area where the kids will have their pizza garden. I’ll show pictures of that as we are outside this week. I also cleaned out the potting shed of anything that doesn’t belong.

I just looked outside and the sun is now peaking through the clouds. It’s been dark, dreary and rainy all day. Oh I hope the sun continues tomorrow! On a more positive note the flowers and grass look incredibly lovely from all the rain the past month.


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Bird Netting, Hydrangea Bushes, Seedlings & New Window Boxes

Birds although lovely to some, can derail a gardners  best attempts at a bountiful harvest. I recall having to chase them away from my beds as they would land and steal my sown seeds. There was a noticeble increase in the amount of birds that flew directly over our yard. As my plants came up I  also noticed holes where my seeds once resided. I did some research about ways to protect my seeds and then invested in bird netting. Bird netting for me has been a lifesaver…well a seedsaver and ultimately a sanity saver! If you have plants that didn’t seem to come up, perhaps it is not because your thumb is not an adequate shade of green or because your soil  is not good enough. Maybe just maybe, it is a bird or two or three enjoying the easily accessible buffet amidst your garden beds. Consider bird netting, it is cheap and often made of a material that allows you to reuse it over and over year after year.


Speaking of seeds, the sown seeds from a few weeks ago are starting to sprout!



I took a picture of both of the hydrangea bushes, they’re starting to revive from the long winter. I love their fluffy white blooms, can’t wait!



Oh and here are the new and newly installed window boxes, thanks husband! I planted some garlic bulbs in them this morning and after consideration decided to plant most or all of my herbs in these window boxes. They are under windows that are right off the dining room, accessible to the kitchen, and I can just lift a window to snip an herb if needed quickly or on a rainy day without having to dart outside.



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Morels: We Found Some In Our Yard

One day last year as I was getting out of the van and walking into the house I spotted some mushrooms next to my bushes in the front yard. I squatted down to get a better look and lo and behold they were morels! I yelled for my husband and we could not believe our eyes as we scooped them up. In all we found 10 morels growing on hardwood mulch (that I purchased at Lowes.) This year I’ve kept an eye out but no such luck. Keep your eyes open as you walk through your neighborhood you never know!



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Currant Bush and Strawberry Plants Update

The currant stick has begun to grow shoots! I took a few pictures but I could not seem to get them to focus but you can see the green coming out, I think. The strawberry plants as well are growing. The leaves are broader and the plants are taller. In the transition from receiving them in the mail to getting them into soil I seem to have lost 3 plants. I may have actually lost 2 in the frosty weather over the last two weeks but I think it was from the transtion into soil. Regardless I have 47 plants left which hopefully will be plenty to produce an abundance of strawberries.


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