Red Wind Grass

I pulled the bushes out last night. They were not as difficult as I assumed, thankfully. In their place I planted 3 Red Wind Grass plants. They are currently itty bitty but will one day be 2-3 feet tall, which is about the height of my porch.

Here is a picture of my daughter, Nora, standing in front of the bushes that were in front of our porch.

Here are the newly planted Red Wind Grasses.

Here is what the grass plants will look like when fully grown. I believe they turn this vibrant reddish purple in the fall. If you are looking for a grass that only grows up to 3 feet tall this might be the grass for you.




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2 responses to “Red Wind Grass

  1. I have been looking for an interesting grass, thanks to your post I think this is the one I want. It quite beautiful.

    • potagergardengirl

      Keewee, I look forward to seeing pics of where you’ll plant and how it grows for you! We’ll learn together!

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