Potting Shed Inspiration

I love the way these look. I need to think about them more in terms of how they could be translated into my space. Perhaps I’ll paint the inside white hmmm…These came from Shedstyle.com by the way.



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6 responses to “Potting Shed Inspiration

  1. What wonderful potting rooms. The white is so fresh and pretty. Makes the plants show up.

    • potagergardengirl

      Lona, I know I was so drawn to the crispness. I figured the white will contrast so well with the dir too and I hope it feels like a bit of a respite when it’s a dreary, dark day.

  2. Fabulous potting sheds. Is yours going to be as big as these ? if so I am very envious.

    • potagergardengirl

      I think my garage is relatively large. It’s a one car garage and completely open to my potting endeavors. I think it just may be as big! But right now I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed by what needs done to get it to what qualifies as “lovely”. But I figured if I can just get the walls and windows sealed and a new door then I can just put up a temporary potting station and make the shed a storage spot for the gardening stuff-you know make it functional for now. And perhaps focus on making it lovely in the fall and next spring. Wish me luck!

  3. Sandi

    This is exactly what I am looking for. I am having a very large 34’x12′ potting, planting area built and have looking for a country look that will fit into my garden. I could “see” the idea in my head but showing this to my contractor will really help! Thanks, Sandi

    • potagergardengirl

      Ahh Sandy, you are welcome! Anything to help! And I’d love to see pics when your potting shed is done!

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