New Trees, Plants, Goods-busy, busy

Lo and behold the trees and grasses and strawberries all arrived in the mail today, I bought them at the beginning of January! That means I’ll be getting dirty this evening, oh please don’t rain. I bought 3 Red Wing Grass plants to take the place of these two bushes out in the front of our house. I have no idea what the bushes are because they were here when we moved in. The last 7 years I had hoped to fall in love with them but honestly I despise them. I am not at all sure what they are and they grow tall so I can’t see over them when I’m sitting on the porch reading or just enjoying the day. I do not anticipate that it will be easy to dig the bushes up. new-trees-and-such-001

I also purchased a circular, terraced strawberry growing system. I can use it over and over and I liked the idea of having a separate space allotted specifically for strawberries. Supposedly growing strawberries terraced is a good idea, we shall see.



A wee Dwarf Lemon Tree to be planted in a pot in order for it to be moveable indoors and

Not sure if this is able to be read clearly but it the pear tree, er stick…one day this little fella will be a tree!new-trees-and-such-005
And the Currant Bush, er stick and like the pear stick this gal shall one day be bigger.



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3 responses to “New Trees, Plants, Goods-busy, busy

  1. I can’t wait til it gets warm enough here to start working on my garden.

    The strawberry terracing sounds like a great idea. I gave up on growing strawberries. I never had much luck with them, but just so happens there is a pick your own strawberry farm right down the road.

  2. Looks like fun ahead! I am very curious to see how the strawberry system works. Happy digging!

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