Garden Changes

I worked outside yesterday rearranging my raised beds and cleaning up the yard in anticipation for Spring planting. Last year I had my beds in a straight line, which worked fine but it was not very interesting. I bought another bed this year so in order to incorporate it into my garden scheme I needed to make some changes. I wanted a design that would be visually pleasing but also a design that would allow me to add more beds in the future. I settled on this design.  That way I can walk around each bed and inspect the plants easily for pests and pick the vegetables rather easily. In the future when I have more beds to add this setup will allow me to add another three beds, which is fantastic. I will most likely go to the nursery this weekend and get my soil and amendments, I can’t wait.

The empty space along the fence in the picture is where I plan to put the kids pizza garden, the strawberry patch and the dwarf pear tree. The two cement pillars in the picture are about five feet apart and stand around 6 feet high. I will plant the pear tree between these pillars and use them as the espalier support.



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  1. Wow! Your beds are fancy!

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