A Cutting Garden


I have this space in the front of my house off to the side that a tree use to inhabit. Two years ago the tree was knocked over from strong winds. We had to have the rest of the tree cut down and the trunk ground down. Since then I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to plant there. Ultimately I would like to plant a tree but I am not sure how to go about that since the roots of the other tree are still in the ground and honestly my husband and I cannot settle on the type of tree to put there either.

In the meantime a temporary solution, perhaps for several years, is to put in a cutting garden. The thought of having a garden specifically for cutting is really exciting. Fresh flowers to cut and bring inside to display around the house or I can give a bouquet to a neighbor or a friend-very cool. The cottage garden above struck my eye. I really love how it looks and it comes with a guide and a list of the plants to achieve the effect . I found this particular plan here. My space is not at all as large as the yard shown but I can use the guide to figure out which plants to use to achieve a similar effect for my space. 

Gardening is such an art and the possibilities are truly endless.




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3 responses to “A Cutting Garden

  1. wow … amazingly beautiful

  2. A cutting garden would be lovely. I would like one too, as I am hesitant to cut the flowers in my display gardens.

  3. I love a cottage garden and this is a very pretty one. I agree with keewee though, that if you had such a display it would be hard to go in and snip away. I think cutting gardens are usually at the rear of a lot, where you can grow and then cut without ruining a design. BTW, I have the same dooryard issue, and had a recent post about it where I received many helpful comments. Good luck to us this summer!

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