A Reminder That Spring Will Come

Upon rising this morning I saw the sun starting to peek through the blinds , I got excited. But when I opened the blinds a little later I was a bit disappointed to see a light coating of snow on the ground. I realized I needed inspiration, motivation, a reminder that Ohio will not always be cold. I need pictures! Reminders! Yes!








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8 responses to “A Reminder That Spring Will Come

  1. What is that climbing giant? Cucumber, squash, or? It looks so healthy!

  2. potagergardengirl

    That is acorn squash! I grew it up. In the last pic you can see it didn’t survive. I believe I didn’t water it enough over period of a week or so when we had sever heat-I had just had a newborn as well as taking care of my other two toddlers. The squash on there must have become vulnerable at that point b/c it became infested with a bug…very sad and I was disappointed!
    I’m going to grow it again this year and see if I have better results.

  3. I can understand the part about all the snow! I too am in Ohio, so inspiration is a wonderful thing this time of year. I don’t know where you live in Ohio, but if you are tiered of dreary weather, you should go to the Franklin Conservatory. They have their Orchid Forest going on, and it is like the tropics in Ohio! I will post about it here soon, and will let you know. Thanks for Faving me on Blotanical!

  4. Dee

    It will be spring soon. Hang in there and welcome to Blotanical.~~Dee

  5. Sue

    Thanks for the wonderful reminders that spring and summer will come!

  6. It looks great, as it will again! Do you do the square foot gardening, looks like it. I just started last year and it’s been quite handy. I also like the bed frames themselves. I think I saw those in a magazine. Look forward to seeing your garden this coming season.

  7. Wow, I was going to ask about that huge plant, too. It’s so cool looking that it kind of makes up for not producing squash!

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