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Todays Plantings

Today I setup the Terraced Strawberry Patch. I planted 50 strawberry plants. For some reason it didn’t occur to me that the patch would require as much soil as it needed but boy oh boy was that a feat! I had to run to the local nursery and purchase 11 bags of topsoil and I believe I’ll probably need to add about 2 more as the soil in the patch settles. That means the Patch has 11-40lb bags of topsoil or 440lbs of topsoil and I still will need to add about 80lbs more. That’s a lot of soil and I hope it pays off! The 11 empty soil bags did come in handy as a makeshift cover to protect the strawberry plants from potential cold weather.

I also planted my Dwarf Pear Tree (stick) and the Currant Bush.

My husband got home at 6pm and I was outside at exactly 6:05, in the van at 6:18 and on the way back home at 6:45. I finished up the three plantings just before dark at 8:15pm. I’m tired and I hope I’ll sleep well tonight. Hopefully the sun will make an appearance tomorrow and I can get the Dwarf Fig, the blueberry bush, the lemon tree and the house plants all potted tomorrow. Oh and I need to plant the mint plants in the window box.



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2008 Square Foot Gardening

I am clearing pictures off of my other computer and came across more gardening pictures from last year. These pics show specifically what Square Foot Gardening looks like, well at least what Mel Bartholomew talks about in his books. The last two pics show my 2 beds that were sort of half butted. The plants grew but I never got around to putting dowel rods as dividers. The top right pic is an Acorn Squash plant that I grew up.


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Potting Shed Inspiration

I love the way these look. I need to think about them more in terms of how they could be translated into my space. Perhaps I’ll paint the inside white hmmm…These came from by the way.


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Future Potting Shed

With all the gardening I have in mind for this year I realized I need to set up a space for my gardening equipment. A place to house soil, pots, gardening tools, the kids tools and overall a place to do plantings would be ideal. It never occurred to me before to convert my 1 car garage that is strictly used for storage, into a potting shed. I found some plans online over the last day that have really inspired me and I started clearing out the space in anticipation.

Currently this is what the garage looks like. It will need a bit of work but I don’t think any of it is major work. The windows have come away from the frames and the door needs replaced. Also, there are gaps in some of the walls that i’ll need to seal but overall I think the space is excellent for use as a potting shed, I feel like it is Christmas-what a present!

**I was truly inspired by this gal, check out her blog!


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Red Wind Grass

I pulled the bushes out last night. They were not as difficult as I assumed, thankfully. In their place I planted 3 Red Wind Grass plants. They are currently itty bitty but will one day be 2-3 feet tall, which is about the height of my porch.

Here is a picture of my daughter, Nora, standing in front of the bushes that were in front of our porch.

Here are the newly planted Red Wind Grasses.

Here is what the grass plants will look like when fully grown. I believe they turn this vibrant reddish purple in the fall. If you are looking for a grass that only grows up to 3 feet tall this might be the grass for you.



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New Trees, Plants, Goods-busy, busy

Lo and behold the trees and grasses and strawberries all arrived in the mail today, I bought them at the beginning of January! That means I’ll be getting dirty this evening, oh please don’t rain. I bought 3 Red Wing Grass plants to take the place of these two bushes out in the front of our house. I have no idea what the bushes are because they were here when we moved in. The last 7 years I had hoped to fall in love with them but honestly I despise them. I am not at all sure what they are and they grow tall so I can’t see over them when I’m sitting on the porch reading or just enjoying the day. I do not anticipate that it will be easy to dig the bushes up. new-trees-and-such-001

I also purchased a circular, terraced strawberry growing system. I can use it over and over and I liked the idea of having a separate space allotted specifically for strawberries. Supposedly growing strawberries terraced is a good idea, we shall see.



A wee Dwarf Lemon Tree to be planted in a pot in order for it to be moveable indoors and

Not sure if this is able to be read clearly but it the pear tree, er stick…one day this little fella will be a tree!new-trees-and-such-005
And the Currant Bush, er stick and like the pear stick this gal shall one day be bigger.


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Seedlings Are Growing-Day 10




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