Seed Harvesting

A way to attain seeds without spending any money is to harvest seeds from your own plants. I have never done this before. I hope to do document my experience of seed harvesting this year.

But some of the benefits of harvesting seeds and what led me to decide to try it this year are

-Buying  new seeds is unnecessary.
-I get to know my plants and my seeds. No tricks on how to grow them.
-I can produce a seed variety that I own and like that may not be sold anymore.
-And I can reuse what I already own-a great thing I am learning to teach my children especially in our consumer lead culture that is having dire effects on our environment.

Sounds like a win win situation.



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2 responses to “Seed Harvesting

  1. I totally agree with you plus you can share the seeds with your friends.

  2. Saving seeds is a wonderful thing to do, and must, with some vegetables and flowers done with care to ensure a pure strain of the variety you are growing. There a wonderful and detailed books on this art. It is a very valuable skill to cultivate. I’ve been doing some items for years and am seeking to expand the types of seeds I save. Enjoy, Rachel

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