Nourishing Food

Upon reading the chapter on Fermented Vegetables and Fruits out of Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions I realized I wanted to add chinese cabbage and carrots to my garden plans. In the book she shares recipes on how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, and gingered carrots-to name a few. She also mentions that fermented vegetables and fruits are incredibly healthy for the body. If you are interested in this topic Mrs. Fallon talks about it here.

I personally did not realize how excellent fermented vegetables and fruits are for the body. I adore sauerkraut, kimchi and really anything fermented. There is something about vinegar that seems to appease my palate. And I often frequent Patel Brothers for their assortment of chutneys. I like the idea of making my own fermented vegetables and fruits and I am excited to try it.

Also, I read an article the other day about Kombucha- Mrs. Fallon talks about Kombucha in her book as well. And so I drove to Whole Foods and grabbed a bottle of the Gingerade flavor. I saw residue on the bottom of the bottle so I lightly shook the bottle. When I attempted to open it it almost exploded.  I did manage to catch it but I got some of the Kombucha on my fingers. I immediately smelled vinegar. The smell kind of  put me off for a minute but my curiousity was peaked and so I was excited to try it. When the carbonation settled down I took a drink. It tasted like carbonated vinegar with a strong flavor of raw ginger. I know myself well enought to know that Kombucha would be an acquired taste. But I also knew that there were qualities that were very appealing to me- the carbonation, the sour flavor and the fact that I could get different flavors.

I am a fan of Kombucha now and I’m going to attempt to make it at some point and document it here. It’s not that difficult to make from what I’ve read. In a nutshell Kombucha is black tea with sugar that has been left to ferment over a period of time. As it ferments it becomes carbonated and develops some alcohol, a minor amount really. Kombucha has been around for a very long time and is respected because it has many health benefits- some believe that it can prevent cancer. I will indeed try it again.



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6 responses to “Nourishing Food

  1. Tony B

    Hey….you need to slip over to Japan ( the grocery side ) on Henderson road and get some of the carbonated strawberry milk! They have other flavors too…
    When my other brother ( my brothers college room mate ) was in from Japan last time he turned me on to this.
    What’s the word I’m looking for to describe it…oh yeah…fizzy nummy! One thing tho…make sure it’s ice cold to get the best taste!

  2. Yeah! We have the same Kombucha in our area. I like it, too. I’ve never made any, but do know someone that has. Maybe that’ll be next on my list.

    Thanks for visiting and being excited about fermentation.


  3. tryingtraditional

    Kombucha is very easy to make at home, just need a mother(starter), tea, and some sugar in a jar and let it grow

  4. potagergardengirl

    Yes I read that! It’s awesome cause I’m spending a lot of money on store bought. Thanks for sharing.

    I just bought a case of 1/2 gallon jars and as soon as those come in i’m going to jump on this. Wish me luck!
    take Care!

  5. The green tea kombucha is the exact brand I used to start my current batch of kombucha. Just shake the bottle really well and add it to the prepared, cooled tea and let it sit for a few weeks to a month. It grew a nice THICK scoby for me.

  6. I also cut my kombucha with grape juice. It’s too vinegary for me to drink straight and not get an upset stomach.

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