Garden Plans




The 1st circle is the kids Pizza Garden with a bird bath in the middle. And the rectangle in the middle is my window box that hangs upon my house. It will contain a mint mix this year.  The little black box is a composter. I’m also adding another 3×3 raised bed to my garden.



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2 responses to “Garden Plans

  1. This is an awesome plan!

    What did you use to draw it? I still haven’t figured out how to display my plan other than in my head.

    Do you have any ideas about second plantings? We had an awesome second crop of green beans and carrots last year.

  2. potagergardengirl

    Thank you!

    I used visio-it allows you to add some awesome shapes and it has some gardening shapes (like the tree). I then edited it in

    Second Plantings- Do you mean succession planting? And are you asking my opinon for something else to plant? If so

    I found this chart helpful.

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