Dwarf Plants


In planning my garden this year I have decided I’m going to try my hand at Dwarf Fruit Bearing Plants. I recently purchased a Dwarf Fig Tree and a Dwarf Lemon Tree. Both of these can be grown and maintained in a vessel that is able to be moved when the weather turns cold. I also invested in a Dwarf Blueberry Bush. I’m really excited to learn how to maintain these plants. Upon searching for information on dwarf plants I came across the website Dwarf Fruit Trees For Beginners An Orchard In Your Back Garden. It appears to be a good resource and I plan to take full advantage of it.

Apparently you can train fruit trees to grow like this. It’s a technique called Espalier and you can actually buy Espalier Trained Fruit Trees if you’d rather not train them yourself. When you prune a fruit bearing tree this way it allows you to get to the fruit ontop. It also is a way to save space in your yard. And because the fruit is spread out in this fashion the sun is able to reach the fruit more effectively thus creating larger and juicier fruit.  I find it fascinatingly beautiful and I’m excited to try my hand at this technique.


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