A Potager Garden

A Potager Garden is essentially an ornamental Kitchen Garden. But even more so in that not only does it produce a bounty of lovely edible vegetables but it also contains edible as well as inedible flowers, herbs and ornamental objects. When you view a Potager Garden it should be lovely to the eye but functional as well.  I adore what Jacqueline Cross says in her online article, The Potager Garden History and How-to of  The Kitchen Garden, she says,

”  There should be but one rule in creating the potager garden and that is; allow the imagination to rule.”

I am a big proponent of being creative when it come to anything! I desire to teach my kids how to be creative as well as how to garden. So this summer we are going to plant a Pizza Garden exclusively for W and Super N to take care of this will be along side my Potager Garden. The Pizza Garden as well shall be in the style of a Potager Garden- lovely to eye.



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3 responses to “A Potager Garden

  1. JC

    I’m glad to know you found the article interesting enough to quote a bit of it 🙂

    I feel that way about everything in my gardens. There is no need to follow other’s ideas of what is correct. As long as you get the basics done right (planting times & the like) gardens are visuals we share with those outside of what is in our hearts and souls. Make yourself happy and tend the garden with love in doing so there is no doubt it will give you all you need.

    I enjoyed reading through your blog. There are a lot of interesting things I want to try. The bird bath from pots is just great!


  2. weed grow

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    • potagergardengirl

      thank you so much! These comments are so encouraging! So glad you like it. I’m attempting to replicate what I had.Take Care!!

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